The Brand

Founded in 2014, Ibarra prides itself as a Filipino watch company that crafts universally appealing timepieces that exude classic aesthetics, demonstrate quality, and share in the spirit of innovation. Throughout its young history, it has become a symbol of national pride as Ibarra timepieces have made their way onto the wrists of history-makers themselves, including national athletes, ASEAN leaders and ministers, and a Philippine President, among others.

Named after an enduring protagonist in one of Dr. Jose Rizal’s novels, Ibarra’s timepieces are designed to be timeless and persevering, exuding an elegant touch to the wearer's wrist.

Despite facing challenges after its participation in the Southeast Asian Games in 2019 due to the impacts of the global health crisis, Ibarra has remained active through partnerships while refocusing on the next steps of its journey.

This 2023, Ibarra resumes its journey in history with a renewed focus on its mission to establish a local watchmaking industry in the Philippines, starting from its modest team and workshop in Manila. With a commitment to revolutionary leadership and craftsmanship, Ibarra aims to redefine Filipino time once again and cement its place as a true innovator in the world of timepieces.