The Trofeo 1898: Commemorate 125 Years of Philippine Independence and Nationhood

Ibarra introduces the 1898 variants of the Trofeo Collection in a set option available exclusively at This set pays tribute to the colors and symbolism of the Philippine flag, encapsulating the nation's spirit in every watch.

As the Philippines celebrates 125 years of independence and nationhood on June 12, there could not be a more fitting time to embrace the Trofeo 1898 Set. Each model represents a profound aspect of the Philippine identity, a reminder of the rich history and values that have shaped the Filipino people.

The TRQ1898SS highlights the white color of the enamel dial symbolizing fraternity, liberty, and equality; while the TRQ1898GL allows the yellow gold plating on the case to shine as vibrant as the sun and stars of the nation’s flag embodying freedom, unity, democracy, and sovereignty.

In a deep blue hue, the TRQ1898BU represents peace, justice, sacrifice, and truth through its blue enamel dial and leather strap; while the passionate red dial and leather strap of the TRQ1898RD reflects bravery, courage, and love for country.

Combining exquisite craftsmanship with the symbolic colors of the Philippine flag, the Trofeo 1898 Set offers a unique opportunity to embrace Filipino heritage and wear it with pride. Experience the beauty of these timepieces, which exemplify timeless elegance while celebrating the spirit of the nation.

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