A Tribute to Nationhood: The Trofeo 1898 x Ayala Museum Timepiece

Ibarra is thrilled to share a remarkable collaboration, the fruit of a partnership between the brand and the esteemed Ayala Museum - a Limited Edition Trofeo 1898 timepiece.

As a tribute to nationhood, this Limited Edition Trofeo 1898 timepiece features a special Sun and Stars enamel dial in a gold ion-plated 31x31mm 316L stainless steel case. The brushed caseback features the Ayala Museum logo along with mark celebrating the 125th Year of Philippine Independence and Nationhood.

Like the Trofeo 1898 general release, the watch also boasts a flat sapphire glass. The Blue and Red strap completes the design of the timepiece to showcase the flag of the Philippines. This production release is limited to 125 pieces only and it is available exclusively at the Ayala Museum Shop.

Embark on a journey that intertwines time, art, and history, embracing the Limited Edition Trofeo 1898 – a timepiece that captures the nation's essence and the brilliance of the Ibarra-Ayala Museum collaboration. Experience a narrative that encapsulates Philippine culture and heritage, owning a piece of history that embodies elegance and enduring significance.