Sucesos Release Announcement #4

We are glad to announce that pre-order customers of the Sucesos Mechanical Hand Wind have received their units already after a strenuous year of development and hurdles brought about by supply and production issues, and lockdowns.

The company is very proud to say that the Sucesos, a watch that took years of development, has finally took its final form. This historic recreation of Dr. Jose Rizal's wristwatch is a manifestation of Ibarra's commitment to craft its finest timepiece and to further pave the way to a new direction for the brand.

With the delivery of the pre-ordered units of the timepiece finished, the company now plans to conduct its relaunch for the broader market. At the moment, there is no finality as to when this will happen due to the continuing impact of COVID-19 to various industries. But regardless of the issues, plans are already being set in order for the watch to have a general market release and for the company to bounce back from these challenging times.

Thank you very much for the continuous support and keep on following us for more updates and developments.

- Ibarra Management